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    What Do Your Office Protocols Look Like? ?

    Bring Your Manners to Work

    I know from the questions and issues we sometimes get from people here at protocol intl that you have to wonder. Did folks leave their manners at home? Or could it mean they just don’t know.

    Truth is many of us spend more time at work than at home. Which makes it most important that we nourish our office relationships with good behavior and manners. We have a dedicated day to remind ourselves of the importance of treating people with courtesy and respect in the workplace.

    • – Inappropriate attire

    • – Borrowed office supplies

    • – Culturally insensitive jokes

    • – Gossip

    • – Not cleaning up after yourself in common areas

    • – Violating personal space

    • – Being an office bully

    • – Leaving no paper in the copier.

    We have provided you with 7 tips to discuss in your office as you celebrate National Bring Your Manners to work Day. Let us know if you’d like us to help you develop your office protocol and civility program. It would be our pleasure.

    Protocol International Tips for creating a healthy office environment

    • – Be sure you create an environment of niceties- please, thank you, excuse me you’re welcome, etc…

    • – If you must eat at your desk, choose foods without strong odors, and dispose of your trash in the kitchen, not in your own wastebasket

    • – Do dress appropriately for the work place. In other words, save the see-through dresses, sandals with socks, Lycra shorts, muscle shirts, and plunging necklines for other occasions.

    • – Do be on time to meetings, conference calls, and appointments.

    • – Speak when you come in. Say goodbye when you leave.

    • – Always keep your poise and do the right thing, even if you’re doing it alone. It matters and will be noticed.