Protocol International is a global consulting firm focusing on professional, interpersonal skills and business development.

Our Work
Our expertise is developing programs on international protocol, cultural awareness, business etiquette and image training that prepares professionals with the critical behaviors necessary to build lasting business relationships.

Our Clients
We work with corporate executives, athletes, colleges and universities, international clients and more to provide helpful coaching, education, and workshops that focus on empowering skills like domestic and international business protocol and corporate etiquette, networking, dining skills, and professional image strategies.

"Business protocol is more than knowing which fork to use. It is about Impression Management: managing your image, your reputation, and the impression you leave on others. People do business with people they like and trust."

— Cheryl Walker Robertson, Chief Executive Officer

We deliver transformative training and coaching for today’s executives and tomorrow’s leaders. Our divisions include: Corporate, Elite Athlete, Entrepreneurship, International, College & University, and Youth.

We value the amazing companies and organizations that work with us to provide protocol training and business development across multiple sectors. For more information about working with us, contact us.

”I was able to enjoy the event and took away insightful lessons on professional development because Cheryl created a wonderful learning environment.”

— Marvellous I., NBA

The Protocol International team consists of polished professionals who are ready to assist your business, program, or personal brand excel and grow exponentially. Learn more about our team and contact us today for more information.

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We Can Help You If…

  • You need to know how to make up for a faux pas with a client
  • You need to know which fork at your table is for dessert
  • Your concerns about civility in your business organization
  • You are traveling internationally and need to be civil and culturally competent

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