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    What’s Your Gym Game Look Like?

    Are you meeting those awesome fitness goals you set earlier this month? Today is the last day of January and sticking to those New Years resolutions gets tough, but you aren’t alone. This email is a little reminder as you head out to the gym this evening. Keep your gym routine on the right trajectory by sticking to these basic gym protocols.


    • – Wipe down benches and machines that you use. Every gym has a sanitation station and paper towels to clean off equipment. Even if you don’t sweat a lot, it’s still a courtesy to the next person to wipe equipment down after you use it.

    • – Re-rack your weights and put dumbbells back. Regardless of if you’re using 5-pound plates or 45s, put them back when you’re done. It isn’t fair to the next person or the gym staff to have to move your weight.

    • – Don’t hog the equipment. It’s normal to take a break in between sets, but it is rude to spend five minutes on your phone while others are waiting. Be considerate of other people’s time and try not to take too long on any machine (more than 10 minutes).

    • – Don’t interrupt someone else’s workout. If you don’t know how to use a piece of equipment, ask the gym staff for help.

    • – Don’t take videos of others without their consent. Most gyms have a no video policy, which includes taking footage of yourself. Some people ignore it, which is bad protocol.

    • – The rules are in place to respect everyone’s privacy, including yours.

    Having good manners in the gym is easy: clean up after yourself, don’t monopolize equipment, and respect others’ space.