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    National Thank You Month

    Just in time to thank folks for all that happened over the holidays. There is power in the handwritten note. Yes, it would be easier and convenient to text or email your gratitude. However, when it comes to getting maximum effect with the perfect sentiment at the perfect time, consider this:

    Ink trumps email. Why? Ink implies effort. Also, handwritten notes connect people in a way that simply isn’t possible via text or email. How? Your unique handwriting makes your message, and therefore your relationship more personal.

    So pull out your pen for your Protocol International tips on making note cards a part of your brand this month and this year.

    1. Keep a list of people you should thank

    The referral you got, the interview you had, the gift you received, the dinner party you were invited to, the neighbor who looked out, the coach positively influencing your child, the teacher doing extra, the conference you attended, the afternoon tea you shared, the compliment you were given, the business you anticipate, etc.

    2. Ensure you have the addresses and correct spelling of names, first and last.

    The envelope should have on the front first line their title, first and last name. The address goes on the second line. City, state, and zip code go on the third line. If international, the country goes on the 4th line. If sending to a business or office, include name, title, company, city, state, and zip. Add a return address in the upper left corner or the back. Place the stamp on the upper right corner.

    3. Add buying a box of cards to your to-do list.

    I buy custom cards from Kimberly Griggs when I need a little bling, but I also can’t pass by Papyrus at the mall or gift shops in museums. Ordering online is also advised. CVS can also be an option for the one-by-one purchase. It’s also fun to send a postcard from the cities where you may be traveling.

    4. Get an amazing writing instrument

    Use a special ink pen for writing your notes cards. Seals for the back of the cards that Papyrus offers are really special. The next level is candle wax and a personalized seal, but that’s for fanatics like me.

    5. Get a bunch of stamps, so you never run out.

    Choose stamps that reflect your style, your likes, or your imagination. I’m still using the celebrate stamps but look forward to the Gwen Ifill ones coming out soon. You can also get customized stamps that have your picture or your logo at

    As your personal protocol consultant, I recommend you keep a set of cards and stamps in a couple of places, including your car, near your favorite chair at home, or in your office, so when you are inspired, you have what you need handy.

    So let’s send some joy in the mail this month and celebrate Thank You Card month. Consider inviting Protocol International to your next meeting, conference, training, or social and professional development programs.