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    The The Founders

    Cheryl Walker-Robertson

    Chief Protocol Officer

    “You Only Get One Chance to Make a First Impression”

    Cheryl Walker-Robertson is a certified international protocol and etiquette expert. She has helped her clients learn to be more confident, courteous and strategic in business and social situations.

    Considered a thought leader in her field, Ms. Walker-Robertson is a contributing writer to various trade and business publications and serves as the protocol expert for several organizations, blogs, podcasts and webinars. She also appears monthly on NBC 40, a widely watched television news program. She is also a contributor to CNJN a provider of local, national and international news coverage one of the largest public producers of original content in New Jersey.

    Ms. Walker-Robertson is Founder and Chief Protocol Officer of Protocol International, a professional protocol, etiquette, and business development consulting firm. For more than a decade, Protocol International has provided communication and leadership training programs, keynotes, and executive coaching to Fortune 500 companies, universities and national conferences.

    Dennis R. Robertson

    President of the Elite Athlete Division

    Dennis R. Robertson retired from an illustrious banking career in 2018 and launched Protocol International’s Elite Athletes Division.

    As President he provides consulting, coaching and guidance to pro athletes, colleges & universities, high schools, and AAU teams. His clients include Coaches, Trainers, and the families of Elite Imperative Athletes. His expertise and his resources, and his network offer a range of capabilities including business organization, brand development, access, and strategic planning.

    Dennis’ athletic achievements at Dorsey High School in Los Angeles, CA led to his participation in the 1979 Junior AAU Olympics and continued as an undergrad at the College of Idaho. It was there that he became the two-time Defensive Player of the Year (1984-86), Athlete of the Year (1985), and the Assistant Junior Varsity Coach (1986). To cap off his accomplishments in the Northwest, he became an NBA Pro-Am player with the Portland/Seattle team from 1986-1987. During this time Dennis opted out of playing professional ball in Brazil to graduate with a BS degree in Business Management from the Albertson Business School at the College of Idaho.

    Dennis left the Northwest for the East Coast and played as the starting small forward for Each One-Teach One at the famous Rucker Park in Harlem under legendary Coach John Martin for three years. His amazing athletic training and experience merged well into the corporate arena. This allowed him to build a prolific career as a banking executive spanning over 30 years with American Express, JP Morgan Chase, and Carver Federal Savings Bank. This experience encompassed many aspects of corporate coaching, branding, training, development, campaigns, acquisitions, promotion, and staff recruitment. During his tenure, Dennis successfully completed the Chemical Bank Management Training Program. He was awarded the Certificate of Excellence at JP Morgan Chase (1998) and graduated from the JP Morgan Chase Branch Manager University with honors (2004) where he also received the Leadership Award from his peers. These achievements are a testament to his seamless ability to oversee all operational functions relating to policies and procedures, training, management, leadership, sales, and customer service.

    Dennis’ involvement in an athlete’s career and ‘Off-Court’ development, brand and strategy have become pricelimperative to their business success. Dennis’ designing of programs equip athletes with the necessary skills and strategies to meet the opportunities and challenges his clients face in a variety of social and business situations. His experience, training, expertise as an athlete, banker, business manager, negotiator and coach equips his clients with a priceless advantage of having a business manager and an ‘Uncle’ in their corner.

    Dennis is on several boards including X2 a performance drink, and the College of Idaho his alma mater.


    "It was so wonderful listening to and learning from you on Tuesday! . You had us all thinking and pondering how we show up for ourselves and for each other!

    Thanks for bringing the protocol, the joy and the laughter!

    Thank you,

    I was so proud to be part of the last workshop you all worked so hard to put together. It was obvious, the time and content, and the way it was presented, that much planning and thoughtfulness was behind each moment.

    Each speaker left me with great ideas, and really inspired me to be more and do more. I could see from the faces of everyone who turned on their cameras that they were engaged, excited, and yearned to continue their search with a little more confidence and tools.

    I am so looking forward to each workshop, as I can tell each subject has already been meticulously planned!!!

    Kudos for an amazing job! Take a bow and let the series begin!!!

    On behalf of St. Francis College, thank you for being a guest presenter for our SFC Scholars. Your insight and advice on careers and best practices for success were well received and greatly appreciated by all.

    Thank you both for all the professional and personal skills I learned throughout this year. Your program is amazing, and I love the opportunities that I have and all the opportunities I will have as a result of all the new skills that I have. I feel better prepared as an individual and leader, and I know these skills will travel with me for my lifetime. I cannot choose one part of the Protocol program that stood out the most. EVERYTHING was great, and I know that I am a better person to have met both of you. Great job, ladies and must success!

    On behalf of the Philadelphia Commercial Development Corporation (PCDC), The City of Philadelphia, and the Philadelphia Commerce Department, I would like to thank you, and your company, Protocol for preparing me for my trade mission to Incheon, Korea.

    The briefing packet, which your company prepared for me, most assuredly enhanced our successful trade mission. By understanding the cultural, historical, and economic tradition of the Korean people, we were able to conduct business, and engage in meaningful interaction more effectively. As we develop international trade relations with other regions of the world, we hope to further utilize Protocol to be our advance agent, interpreter, and social ambassador.

    I can’t imagine you remember me. You were in Indianapolis doing break out sessions and I was so intrigued that I stayed at your table for 2 sessions.

    I had to send this email to tell you that your session was the most authentic and your presentation was elegant, professional, believable, inspiring and long lasting.

    You are a phenomenal speaker and coach and I send lots of love, goodwill, prosperity and success your way. May you find joy in your business and life always.

    I have worked many different jobs and had the opportunity to have job retreats similar to this. However, this experience has been BY FAR the BEST experience ever. The passion behind the goals of Protocol International is EVIDENT! Cheryl, wow! Your simply amazing and I totally understand why Zakia is in the position she is in! She is wonderful!

    Cheryl, it was really nice to have met you on Tuesday at Monique's. Learned some new things from you about etiquette and I appreciate that. Your interactive presentation made the taking in of new ideas fun. Thank you and Be well.

    Ali Robinson Scott

    St. Francis College Executive

    Meg Grant

    Director, Public Affairs and Marketing
    Keystone First

    Dale Favors

    St. Francis College

    Dana Thurston

    Senior Director of Programs
    Community Council Health Systems

    Curtis Jones, Jr.

    President and CEO
    Philadelphia Commercial Development Corporation

    Tracye Lewis

    Stephanie Esdaile

    Executive Administrative Assistant
    Asbury Park Housing Authority

    Kelly JW King