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    Post Interview Protocol

    Let’s say you have just interviewed for a position, and you gave the best first impression using all of your protocol knowledge. You want to be one-hundred percent sure that you get the job. What must you now do to seal the deal? Sometimes it’s hard to know just what to do after the interview.

    What is your next step? How do you follow-up to see it through until the end? What you do after the interview can make all the difference. Let me know what you think of the following tips.

    Post Interview Protocol Tips

    Ask the right closing questions:

    “What are our next steps?” “When should I follow-up?” “When will you make a decision?”

    Remember to say ‘thank you’ for the interview.

    Also, be sure to thank everyone you encountered and obtain all the contact information you need to follow-up.

    Demonstrate etiquette, and send handwritten notes.

    A formal note card is best, yet an email is acceptable. Ask yourself, what will give you a competitive advantage?

    Reference your conversation, reemphasize why you are a good fit.

    Show off your interpersonal skills by being relevant and considerate.

    Follow-up within 48 hours.

    Contact your job referencesso that they are on the alert to expect a call.

    Give them the details they may need to be prepared.

    Recap your performance, what could you have done better…. and then keep looking.