Training Programs

Polished Business Interactions

The Art & Science of Networking

Finesse The Business Meal

Dress Code

Cultural Competency

Technology & Etiquette

Zoom Protocol

Hybrid Protocol


Group Training

Seminars for Employee and Student Professional Development

Engaging sessions help your group to be more professional, polished, and poised in today’s business world.

Individual Coaching

One-on-One Consultation for Executives, Athletes, Leaders, Students

Learn critical skills to stand out personally and professionally as a leader in business.

Speaking Engagement

Cheryl Walker-Robertson, CEO, conducts fun and informative protocol and etiquette presentations.

Customizable presentations cover a variety of business etiquette topics addressing relevant workplace challenges and opportunities.

Online Classes

Online educational programs can be completed at your own pace anywhere and anytime through our new platform, Protocol Academy.

Protocol Academy is a unique experience providing several topics in protocol and etiquette with our online support team ready to assist.